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Which Model/Capacity to choose?

Model/ units

Usage Maximum of bathroom
L66 x 1 1 ~ 6 people 1 – 4 bathroom
L80 x 1 1 ~ 8 people 1 – 6 bathroom
L66 x 2 1 ~ 12 people 1 – 9 bathroom
L80 x 2 1 ~ 14 people 1 – 11 bathroom

*The calculation at the left is based on a shower head (6”) and 10 minutes for each person bathing.

*Calculation is for guidelines only, as many factors will affect the result. Eg: time of bathing, weather, water pressure, sizes of shower head.

As a guideline, households with up to 6 people should opt for the 66 gallon models, whereas larger households can either choose the 80 gallon models or to install two or more smaller systems.

Remember that Jacuzzis and bath tubs use a lot of water – factor in about 15 gallon (68l) per use for a regular bath tub.

Where to allocate the solar water heater?

  • Roof which can fit the Solar Water Heater.
    • L66 – 1800mm x 2400mm
    • L80 – 2400mm x 2400mm
  • Direction (accordingly)
    • South
    • North
    • East
    • West
  • Height (Recommended)
    • Highest of the building to avoid blocking
  • Roof trust
    • Ensure the trusses is strong enough to support the weight of solar (especially for L80)
    • Recommend to re-inforce the trusses for old buildings
  • Near cold water tank
    • Normally will recommend to install nearby the cold water tank and the pump’s location as cold water supply to the solar is from the cold water tank

What things to prepare before installation?

  • Hot and cold water piping system. 0.5 inches (½”) Stop-cock have to be standby in 10 feet below/nearby the Solar Water heater, is either inside or outside ceiling.
  • 15 Amp Power Point required to be ready in 10 feet below/nearby the solar water heater.
  • If the house is require a pump, will recommend to install it before install solar.
  • Water and electricity supply

What type of roof can install the solar water heater?

Aquasolar hot water system can be mounted at any position, however we will usually recommend that the Solar water heater should be installed at an inclination. We advise you to installation at highest location for optimum heat absorption.

For flat roof installation, an angled aluminium rack should be installed to provide necessary inclination.

What is the basic installation included?

  • Three (3) meter of hot and cold stainless steel piping for solar system inlet and outlet.
  • 3kW Backup electrical booster and thermostat
  • Italy pressure temperature valve (PT valve) to control the pressure

What are the things excluded in the basic installation?

  • Piping insulation
  • Aluminium rack for flat roof installation
  • Crane charges
  • Water Pressure Pump
  • Mixer Taps
  • Extra hot/cold water pipes which more than 10 feet
  • Internal house’s power point for the backup heater

When should I turn on the heating element?

  • Raining season
  • Over usage of hot water
  • Hazy season

Will I get hot water even on rainy days or nights?

A short period of rainfall will not affect the supply of hot water because AQUASOLAR’s tanks are insulated with 50mm of high-density polyurethane and fiberglass wool to retain heats. On an average, it heats water to about 70oC in the day and loses only about 8% of heat at night. Even if it is overcast, there is enough radiated heat to maintain the temperatures of the water at a comfortable level. However, if there are few days of cloudy day, it would require to switch on the backup heater.

Do I need to install a water pressure Pump for the solar?

All AQUASOLAR™ products are high-pressure systems which means you only need one water pump to drive both cold and hot water throughout the house. AQUASOLAR is not need to have a pump for its circulation through the system.

Our solar system uses Thermosiphon system in heating, when the water is heated it rises. However, we are always recommend customer to purchase a pump for the cold water tank to increase the pressure of cold water for a better enjoyment.

How much do I save?

Appliances with heating elements consume the most electricity in our homes. Using solar water heaters will help you make significant savings when compared to the cost of purchasing, installing and using instant heaters and boilers.

Here is a typical comparison in between instant heater and solar water heater.

Instant Heater
Number of instant heaters : 4
Cost per instant heater : 350
Installation cost : 150
Cost of Purchase : 4 x (350 + 150) = RM2000
Number of persons : 6
Number of showers per day : 2 per person
Average time per shower (min) : 15
Heating element rating : 3.3kW
Electricity tariff : 0.276kW/Hr
Monthly Cost : 6 person x 2 times x (15/60) hour x 3.3kW x RM 0.276 x 30 days = RM 81.97
Yearly Cost : RM81.97 x 12 months = RM 983.64
Cost per solar water heater : 5250
Installation cost : 0
Cost of Purchase : RM 5250
Return On Investment (ROI) : 5250 – 2000 = 3.3 years
      RM 983.64