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PUREGEN PGM1054 Outdoor Sand Water Filtration System

Puregen™ Water Guard Filter consists layers of Microcite media. The microcite media will serve removal of silts, mud, harmful organic matters, impurities and suspended particles in the raw water.

Cook tasty food with water free from impurities · No more smelly, yellowish and muddy drinking water ·
Clean and stain free laundry · Prevent skid allergies, itchiness and rashes with clear filtered water.

  • Cleanest water up to 10 micron
  •  Top USA Filtration Technology
  •  400% Finer filtration with Microcite media
  •  No cartridge replacement
  •  Large capacity with effective filtration
  •  Smooth Water Flow

A Pre-Filtration from the incoming water before you use for Laundry, Cleansing, Shower, Cooking and storing in your water tank!

There are 3 models that would have one that is most suitable for your house use :-
**PGM 942** with flow rate of 26 liter/min, suitable for small family with 2-3 bathrooms house
**PGM 1044** with flow rate of 32.1 liter/min, suitable for family with 3-5 bathrooms house
**PGM 1054** with flow rate of 32.1 liter/min, suitable for  big family/shop/factory use


Performance Table        
Model PGM 942 PGM 1044 PGM 1054
Operation Manual self backwash
Dimension 9' (DIA) x 42' (H) 10' (DIA) x 44' (H) 10' (DIA) x 54' (H)
Flowrate (Us gpm) / (lit/min)  5.7/26 7.1/32 7.1/32
Housing Material High grade of Fiber Reinforced Plastic
Media Microcite Media
Warranty 10 years on FRP Tank against mfg defect
Complete with Manual Multiport Valve, Inlet strainer, central core


Some Easy Back-wash Steps to maintain your filter in a clean situation for the long lifespan.

1st : Turn the valve handle to Backwash, allow to flush our the dirty water around 5-10 minutes.
2nd : Put it to Rinse mode, to make sure the filter inside doing a thorough rinsing aound 3-5 minutes.
3rd : Turn it back to filter mode and enjoy the clean water !!





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