Solar Water Heater commons problem in Malaysia

Installation problem

Wrong Size chosen - Some user chosen a small size of solar hot water heater tank and caused under usage. Solar panel collectors are usually very large in size and some times the hot water storage too small can cause overheated. Choose your suitable model HERE

Non presururized tank - can cause the hot water tank over heated

Circulation pump - the wrong installation of circurlation pump can cause the hot water tank overheater and burts due to the hot water return to cold water piping 

Size of piping - for a small family with number of bathroom rooms below 5, we are recommended to use hot water piping with 0.5 inch. Maximum size for hot water piping for Big family should use not more than 0.75 inch as if the size of piping too big will cause heat loss and waste of hot water. Click HERE for more information 

Selection of brands - Usually recommend user to pick a reliable local manufacturing company with FULL TEST SIRIM certificate. In addtion, select based on quality of material, good after sales service, reasonable price and long year in the market. Eg: SMARTSOLAR

Spare parts problem - some parts of solar hot water heating system is have shorter product life time. Eg: Pressure temperature valves (normally can last 8 to 12 years), backup heating element & thermostat (normally can last 6-10 years) and Non-return valve (more than 10 years).

Service and maintenance - We recommend customer to do service every 5 years to keep the solar heating system in good condition. For more information please click HERE

Other Problems - Failture of the design of solar water heater system, pump failure, water supply failure, wiring malfunction, and shading problem like less sun heats.

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