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Summer Solar Water Heater System

EVERY HOME and family needs clean water – this daily essential is central to our contemporary lifestyle and its demands. Yet the delicate state of our environment today means that it is increasingly important that we use energy in a responsible and efficient manner. The average household uses 116,800 litres of hot water a year.

SUMMER TM Water Heating Systems by Solartech delivers the convenience of hot water on demand with the use of solar energy. Besides being good for the environment, SUMMER TM can help you save up a substantial part of your energy bill too. Discover today how its modern, efficient design can take care of your heated water needs for years to come.

* Water consumption facts derived from Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Malaysia. Based on an average family of four persons.


Each SUMMERTM product features high quality aluminium, copper and stainless steel construction that offers years of trouble-free ownership and usage.

Each SUMMERTM water heating system by Solartech comes with two collector panels – each with 6 copper risers paired with 2m2 of collector fins with selective black coating for optimal heat conversion and performance-to-weight ratio.

Hot water is stored in a marine-grade stainless steel storage tank, which requires no sacrificial anodes to replace or rust and cracks to worry about. Marine grade stainless steel tanks offer superior performance over industry standard 304 steel tanks.

All SUMMERTM products byy Solartech are designed to perform under high-pressure. High pressure solar heaters do not create a loss of pressure when water passes through it, which means homes using such systems only require one water pressure pump. On the other hand, low-pressure systems require one water pump for the cold water and another for the hot water.


SUMMERTM products by Solartech rely on the thermosiphon principle to drive water through its system. Thermosiphon occurs when heated liquid rises and is replaced by cooler liquid in a closed circuit. As the cycle is repeated, the temperature of the liquid in the entire system is gradually raised.

Hence, because there are no pumps or motors, SUMMERTM products are cost-effective to own, use and maintain with its innovations in design of the solar stainless steel marine grade pressure hot water tanks and solar panels by using 100% rust proof, reliable, long-lasting durability product materials for its products to provide product life-spans of over twenty years.

Low Iron Tempered Glass

  • Thickness of 3.2mm can withstand over 10KGs of Weight and ZERO Damage to Panel from 25mm Hailstone Testing
  • Special reflective inner surface to decrease panel emissions up to %



Grundfos CM3-4PM1 (CMB3-37PM1) Water Booster Pump 

Grundfos CM3-4PM1 (Grundfos CMB3-46) Water Booster Pump


Grundfos CM3-4PM1 Water Pump Series 3-4 c/w PM1 PressureComtrol with built-in dry-running protection for automatic start/stop to provide and deliver instant water supply with good pressure for your daily needs. 
*Grundfos CMB3-37 PM is the replacement model of CM3-4PM1 (start from 1st of April 2021)
Grundfos CMB3-37 manual book. 

**Replacing Older model version CH2-40PC

*recommended outlets subject to size and specification of water fittings


Grundfos CM3-4PM1 Water Pump Price (Grundfos CMB3-37 Price)


The Grundfos CM-PM1 series pressure booster pumps is ideal for instant water heater showers while providing strong, constant water pressure around your house and garden. The CM-PM1 series is a compact, quiet yet powerful multistage pump with built-in pressure control and maintenance free design. Major pump components are manufactured from corrosion and wear resistant stainless steel for a longer life-span.


Power: 600 Watt
Discharge Pressure/ Output (psi/lpm): 69(max)/70(max)
Port Size (BSP): 1' inlet/outlet



○ Longer life - Major pump components are manufactured from corrosion and wear resistant stainless steel.
○ Quiet Operation - Both pump and motor are designed for quiet operation to provide a comfortable environment.
○ Quality Assurance - Each CM-PT is factory assembled and tested before delivery.
○ Product certified by SIRIM
○ Dru running protection
○ 2 years warranty (Extra 6 months for Online Registration)
○ Space saving
○ Easy installation

Waterco Water Filter


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