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3M DWS2500T-CN Drinking Water Filter 

3M drinking water filter is a trusted company that provides you a SAFE and HEALTHY Water by applying the right science. 3M under sink water filter are all adheres with NSF/NASI international standards and protocol for better water quality. 


Stylish Faucet with LED Light Indicator
When stylish, easy-change design meets 3M’s superior drinking water filtration with its smart LED indicator, you may monitor the cartridge lifespan and you’ll never miss the time to replace your 3M Indoor Water Filter cartridge.


The double filter catridges of 3M DWS2500T-CN Price Under Sink Water Filter is fitted with:-

1st stage: Pre-Filtration

  • Reduces down to 3 microns premium pleated Polypropylene menbrane
  • Reduce dirt, dust, particles and turbidity

2nd stage: Fine-Filtration

  • Cartridge combines a patented pharmaceutical-grade two-zone membrane and pre-activated carbon block.
  • Reduce lead, mercury, chlorine taste & odor, protozoan cysts and 99.99% of waterborne bacteria down to 0.2 micron (250 times finer than a strand of hair).

At the same time, the special blend media could help to inhibit bacteria growth in the filter. 


3M DWS2500T-CN Price



3M AP Easy Complete Indoor Drinking Water Filter

Advanced Filtration with High Output
Using single-stage filtration, the economical under-sink device requires only minimal, effortless maintenance as it delivers surprisingly good performance.


Replacement Cartidge

  • C-COMPLETE Cartridge for AP Easy Complete


This 3m Under Sink Water Filter with dedicated faucet. It could reduce up those particulates which down to 0.5 microns, reduce the chlorine taste and odor, abbestos, parasite protozon cysts, lead, mercury and selected volatile organic contaminants (VOCs*).

** VOCs limited to Atrazine, Benzene, Carbofuran, 1,4-dichlorobenzene and toxaphene.


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