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Elton Water Heater Boiler is a centrazlied hot water heating system for the houses. Elton 82 liters (82L) storage heater supply 24/7 hot water regardless of weather changes, water temperature in storage tank is fixed at 60°c to prevent legionella bacteria and scalding risk.

Elton Malaysia manufacture factory is located at Selangor Malaysia, its 100% local made product and Elton water heater spare parts like Elton heating element, elton thermostat and elton pressure relief valves are fully imported from Europe country.  

Our company BWS is the Elton authorized distributor in Malaysia and we cover the Elton water heater sales & service, Elton water heater prices are show in this webpage and there are some elton water heater review as well. For more information, customer can contact our Elton water heater customer service and Elton water heater suppllier contact at 012-332 1190 / 03-9543 7431. 


Elton 82L Water Heater Price

The Benefit of having Elton Water Heater

1. Stainless Steel Inner Tank:
Made of stainless steel of 1.2mm thickness (AISI 304 2 D) which by far is the most recognised material for it's excellentanti-corrosive properties within atmosphereand water. It carries a five (5) years warranty against leakagedue to manufacturer's fault.

3. Magnesium Anode Rod:
Made with magnesium alloy and when the anode is electrically connected to the structure to protect, it makes more negative the electrochemcal potential than the  structure itself. In this way the structure acts as the cathode and the magnesium alloy rod as the anode (therefore, the name magnesium anode). It is used to protect  metallic structures that are in contact with water against corrosion.

4. Heating Element
Made of copper sheathed immersion type that has an electrical rating between 1.5kW- 3.0kW

5. Thermostat c/w electrical cut-off device :
To sense and to monitor the temperature of water in the inner tank between 40° C- 70° C approximately. Besides, it is equiped with a Bimetallic Thermal cut-off  device, also called th third safety, which will be activated to cut off electricity supply should there be any malfunction of the thermostat.

6. Safety Valve cum Non Return Valve :
It has dual functions, one is to guard against excessive pressure built-up in the inner tank above 7.58 bar (11Dpsi), the other is to prevent water from the inner tank to flow back.

7. Wide Range of Capacities :
Both Elton and Ignis water heaters have a wide selection of standard capacities of between 3 gallons - 33 gallons to cater to individual requirements. We can also manufacture according to customers' requirements (tailor-made) to meet specific needs and applications both for domestic and commercial purposes.

8. Easy Installation:
Both Elton and Ignis water heaters, irrespective of capacities, can be easilly installated, whether wall-mounting or floor-mounting, vertical or horizontal version. Its unique design totally eliminates the need for vent pipes.

9. Single I Multiple-Outlets:
Both Elton and Ignis water heaters are stored under pressure, the flow of hot water can be diverted to either single or multiple outlets or at different levels.

10. After Sales Service
Being an established manufacturer 1960's, we are responsible and committed to after-sales service as we realize a product especially electric water heater need not only to meet up with buyers' expectation in quality and safety, the after-sales service is equally, if not more important. Our team of experienced technician is always ready to be on call to serve our customers. This is our commitment.


1. Electrical parts cany a one (1) year warranty against manufacture' s defects.
2. All the above important component parts are fully imported.

Elton Water Heater Review

All Electric Storage Water Heaters are installed with Isolation Barrier. What is Isolation Barrier ?

Isolation Barrier is a fitting that located at inlet and outlet of Electric Storage Water Heater. It provides double-layered protection by lengthening the water pathway to make it into a “non-conductive” path. This fitting is small, light and compatible for all type of water heater. Therefore it managed to protect our users safety vanishing the electrocution risks.


Instant Water Heater vs Electric Storage Water Heater

Instant water heaters do not have any storage or water tank and therefore there is no opportunity for heating additional water or wasting hot water. Also, it needs to be switched on before use and switched off immediately once using it. In addition, the electricity unit consumption is apt and there is very less wastage of water. They heat water immediately, due to this they have a higher wattage in the range of 3 to 4.5 KW.


The price of a tankless water heater is greater than that of a storage water heater, but tankless water heaters last longer and have lower operating and energy costs. Most of the tankless water heaters have a life expectancy of 15 to 20 years. Electric instant requires a relatively high electric power because water must be quickly heated to the desired temperature.


An instant water heater is compact in size and they take small mounting space. Water heating cost is less because water is used immediately. But it puts more load on the power grid because it heats water immediately. It can waste energy if a gas-powered unit has a pilot light.


Storage water heaters are great if you want to store water. They take up to 5 minutes for heating the water. With a storage water heater, you can take a bath and wash dishes at the same time. You can do 2 or 3 tasks at the same time. The installation cost of storage water heater is less as compared to a tankless water heater.


There are a variety of sizes available for storage geyser. Storage geyser is also easy to repair and maintain. Water heating cost is more because hot water is used after some time. Another disadvantage is that its lifespan is 8 to 12 years which is less compared to a tankless water heater.


The bad thing about storage water heaters is that it loses some heat through the tank walls. Even though the tank is insulated, the difference in temperature across that insulated wall is large, so even with a lot of insulation, the standb heat loss is substantial.


These geysers occupy large mounting space. Storage water geysers are best suitable for bathing using bucket and bathing using a shower.

Elton Storage Water Heater supply 24/7 hot water regardless of weather changes, compare to Solar Energy’s insufficient hot water supply and freezing shower problems during cloudy or rainy seasons. It energy efficient and performance is guaranteed with minimum service maintenance. Also, water temperature in storage tank is fixed at 60°c to prevent legionella bacteria and scalding risk, compare to solar system water temperature may rise up to 100°c during stagnation and it might cause serious scalding and pressure risk.  Therefore, Electric Storage Water Heater is highly recommend for household uses to provides cozy living.  



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