Hybrid Pools

Complete With Tile Finish
Hybrid Pools allow you to choose your flavo ur tiles for wall and floor.

Hybrid Pools are treated post installation for a complete tile finish. In site Fibreglass tape is applied to seal joints between panels.

Spectrum tiles waterproofing is applied across all surfaces. The internal tile finish is applied and finished using Spectrum tiles glue and grout.

Combination finishes

Hybrid Pools can coordinate several finishes for a unique swimming pool experience

Floor Levels
As per the adjacent diagram, the standard levels available for a flat bottom pool are: 1.65m / 1.35m / 1.05m greater depths can be created by moulding the pool of the floor.

Panel’s Sizes
Any size panel can be created, our Standard lengthr panels are 1000mm / 1500mm / 2000mm / 3000mm and 5000mm corner panel with either a square or 300mm radius

Standard panel heights are
:- 1750mm
:- 1500mm
:- 1200mm
:- 900mm
:- 700mm
:- 450mm

What is Hybrid Pools

  1. Hybrid Pools is a modular pool system that uses a specialised fiberglass panel construction that gives all the advantages and strength of a conventional concrete pool.
  2. Hybrid Pools are constructed with filed resin fiberglass panels (factory fabricated) The unique filled resin process as rigidity to the panels.
  3. Hybrid Pools can have a concrete floor with panels counter sunk and secured with a bond beam at base of the panel or a fiberglass membrane floor.
  4. Hybrid Pools have a superior tiled finish using a patented cement also polymer applied to all surfaces as a sealant and a bonding agent for tile adhesion.
  5. Hybrid Pools can be finished with Coping Stones added to the the circumference.

Project Integration

Hybrid Pools can work with existing construction details and transform them into modern technology using composite materials

The below detail demonstrates the conversion from a concrete system with overflow into a modular system with prefinished gelcoat gutter section
Filters Are Very Importance

Sand Filter
Simple, effective, low maintenance filters Sand filters are one of the most popular ways to filter water. For good reason. They are simple, effective, and require very little attention. Pool water is routed through a sand-filled pressure vessel. Over time, dirt accumulates in the spaces between the sand particles causing the pressure in the vessel to rise as water finds it harder to pass through. This signals you to backwash the filter. Simply reverse the water flow and knock out the dirt.

Emaux Sand filters have been using the latest pool filter technology which is suitable for many different weather conditions and have reached many different market standards. The filters are durable, anti-corrosive, UV-resistant and user-friendly. The sand filters are applicable for use in all types of pools such as in-ground pools, in-ground spas, as well as other water features

Cartridge Filter
The Clean & Clear filter combines top-end filter performance with low maintenance. This dependable design uses special filter elements to strip tiny particles from your pool water...particles as small as 20 microns. (An average grain of beach sand is 1,000 microns!) Plus, cleaning is a breeze. Open the top, remove the cartridge, hose it off and the Clean & Clear filter is ready to go again.
The Dynamic® Series Spa, Hot Tub, and Swimming Pool Filters Series Filter line includes in-line, top load, safety flange lily pad and safety skim filters with automatic chemical dispensers and a host of features created for the leading spa manufacturers throughout the country.

Healthier Water Option Upgrade your swimming pool system with TRUST THE GLOBAL LEADER IN SWIMMING POOL, SPA AND AQUATIC EQUIPMENT
At Pentair, we’ve revolutionized the pool industry with innovative and highperformance pool pumps, filters, heaters, cleaners, lights, automation systems and more. Each product is expertly engineered and crafted with pool and spa owners in mind, and adheres to our strict standards for quality performance and design

Decades of commitment to reliable, technologically advanced, and energyefficient pool products has built our reputation as the pool industry’s global leader. Join the millions of pool and spa owners around the world who count on Pentair to bring their poolscape dreams to life

The Pump that started an ENERGY-SAVING REVOLUTION


Saving Up To
Each Yeah

The IntelliFlo Variable Flow pump is the world’s smartest swimming pool pump. Its onboard computer and intelligent software automatically calculate and program the minimum flow requirements for every pool task—filtering, heating, cleaning, spa jets, water features and more—to optimize performance and minimize energy use. As functions/tasks change, IntelliFlo self-adjusts to maintain optimal flow rates for further energy savings.


IntelliChlor Salt Chlorinator uses common table salt to produce all the chlorine a pool needs, safely, effectively, and automatically. Same sanitation performance as manual chlorine addition without the drawbacks. No need for customers to buy, transport and store chlorine compounds.


Featured Highlights
  • Free standing base optional on all but DSC models
  • All cartridges are manufactured of the finest quality filter media

Filter up to 5 micron!
No More Cloudy Water After Raining

The Nature Choice

The Aquabrite System is a unique, simple, fresh water disinfection system. Friendly to the environment and safe for your family the Aquabrite System is the alternative you and your swimming pool have been waiting for.

Aquamaticsis a wholly owned Australian business that manufactures the Aquabrite- System. The business has been in existence for over 30 years having commenced trading as Bridge Projects in 1974.In 1992, Aquabritethe oxidisingagent, was developed to be used instead of chlorine. Aquabriteis a proprietary blend and unique to Aquamatics. The combination of the copper and silver based ioniserand the oxidisingagent has been sold for about 14 years, as the Aquabrite System.

The Aquabrite System uses all the natural qualities of copper & silver and takes ionisationinto a 21st Century level of sophistication to sanitise pools & spa water
Aquabrite is an unique oxidising agent only available from Aquamatics. It is a proprietary blend of dual acting oxidising agents that accelerates the ionic process by activating the copper and silver ions to kill algae and bacteria.

Ionisation is a process that uses nature’s most effective algaecide – copper and bactericide – silver. Through electrolysis the copper
and silver is changed from solid metals to soluble ions dispersed into the water.

The AquabriteSystemcombines the natural benefits of ionization and the Aquabriteoxidizing agent to deliver a safe and effective fresh water disinfection system for your pool or water feature.

The unique blend of dual acting oxidisingagents accelerates the ionic process by activating the copper and silver ions in the water to kill algae and bacteria.

Ionisationis a process that uses nature’s most effective algaecide (copper) and bactericide (silver) Through electrolysis the copper and silver is changed from solid electrodes to soluble ions dispersed in the water.

12 Key Benefits of Aquabrite System
  • Easy to maintain;
  • Healthy & Non-Carcinogenic;
  • Ideal for Asthmatics;
  • Non-irritating to skin and eyes;
  • Water is taste and odour free
  • No messy chemicals.
  • Environmentally friendly;
  • Perfect for indoor pools;
  • Suit any size pool or spa
  • No red eyes;
  • No taste or smell in the water
  • No toxic compounds are formed;

OUR INNOVATION PRODUCT worry-free for pipe leakage forever

Perfect integration in the environment of the swimming pool, incorpo rates all the functions.

Automatic operation, no daily supervision

No investment in the construction of a technical room or pump room

Excellent filtration for a pure & healthy water

  • The filtration unit allows to sell more pools because less time is needed for the construction and does not require swimming pool technicians and electricitrians.
  • With the group of filtration, the interventions of the technicians according to the progress of the construction site are minimized.
  • For the renovation market our unit is well adapted, because it avoids very high costs of renovation of pipings and filtration equip-ments. In the case of large swimming pools, it is easy and always economic to install 2 units.
  • The filtration unit is also interesting for the owner who sales its house, who reconditions the swimming pool at a lower cost and produces the attractive operation of purchase.
  • The group of filtration incorporates all the functions and is very easy to install.

Kreepy Krauly® Prowler® 830 Robotic Inground Pool Cleaner

  • Remote control functions allow you to override automatic cleaning modes to perform quick spot clean-ups
  • Built-in weekly timer allows for scheduled cleanings
  • Auto-reverse feature helps prevent hang-ups in corners and near steps for uninterrupted performance
  • Integrated filter reduces run time of primary filtration system, saving on pump energy costs and minimizing wear and tear
  • Includes convenient caddy for easy handling and storage
  • Vacuums all types of debris and helps remove algae
  • Plug-in convenience requires no installation, booster pump or hoses
  • Full cartridge indicator lets you know when cleaner needs attending

Do It Yourself

Natural Timber Gazebos

Our comprehensive array of wooden garden gazebos have been designed to offer a visually appealing design statement to your home whilst offering a private a secluded place in which to spend time enjoying an evening meal or simply relaxing with family and friends. Manufactured to the highest standards, our range of products are available in various sizes and designs to suit your garden and lifestyle and as such will form a stunning focal point to any outdoor location no matter how big or small. With many gazebos being supplied with a choice of roofing material, you can tailor the look of the structure to suit your individual requirements to achieve the perfect garden design.

Made in Thailand 100% Natural