How can I save with solar water heater

Appliances with heating elements consume the most electricity in our homes. Using solar water heater does not using current to boil up the water, it will help you make significant savings when compared to the cost of purchasing, installing and using instant heaters and boilers.


Before purchasing a solar water heating system, estimate the annual operating costs and compare several systems. This will help you determine the energy savings and payback period of investing in a more energy-efficient system, which will probably have a higher purchase price.

Before you can choose and compare the costs of various systems, you need to know the system size required for your home.

To estimate the annual operating cost of a solar water heating system, you need the following:

  • The cost of a solar water heating system
  • The auxiliary tank fuel type (instant heater or storage heater) and costs (your local utility can provide current rates).

Then, use the following calculations.

Here is a typical comparison in between instant heater and solar water heater.

Instant Heater
Number of instant heaters : 4
Cost per instant heater : 350
Installation cost : 150
Cost of Purchase : 4 x (350 + 150) = RM2000
Number of persons : 6
Number of showers per day : 2 per person
Average time per shower (min) : 15
Heating element rating : 3.3kW
Electricity tariff : 0.276kW/Hr
Monthly Cost : 6 x 2 x (15/60) hour x 3.3 x 0.276 x 30 days = RM81.97
Yearly Cost : RM81.97 x 12 months = RM983.64
Cost per solar water heater : 5250
Installation cost : 0
Cost of Purchase : RM 5250
Return On Investment (ROI) : 5250 – 2000 = 3.3 years
      RM 983.64

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