Pecol PPS45 (45L) Storage Water Heater Malaysia - Pecol 45 Litres


Hot Water Storage Heater - Domestic and Commercial 

- Easy installation

- Compact and versatile

- Saves space

- Varous choices on size and mounting

- Minimum maintenance

- Reliable and efficient

- Plentiful supply of hot water

- Meets international quality and safety standards

- Reliable in-house before and after service

- Manufacturer warranty

Identification Details

A. Inner Tank - High quality stainless steel that resists rust and corrosion and lasting.

B. Automatic Immersion Thermostat - Automatically controlling heating accurately to ensure no wastage of electricity.

C. Heating Element - High quality element to ensure efficient heating and longer service life. Low watt density ensures safety and confirms strictly to British Standard.

D. Access Cover - Easy access for chaning spare-parts and servicing. Full service and spare-parts available all time.

E. Cold Water Inlet - Built at bottom closed to the heating element to minimise mixing of cold water & ensure fast heating of cold water

F. Hot Water Outlet with Internal Drawn Pipe - Draws only the heated water that rises to the top of the heater.

G. Mounting Bracket - Various fixed mounting brackets position to suite the installation with good groundbond safety precaution.

H. Outer EG Casing - Powder coating ovenbaked for excellent surface finishing that prevents scratching and peeling off.

I. Insulation Foam - High density polyurethane foam to prevent heat loss-ensuring electric consumption to a minimum.

Electrical Hot Water Storage Heaters



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