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Solahart 181LF Solar Water Heater

The Solahart solar heater L Series is providing the most efficient water heating with the innovation of the black polyester powder coated aluminium absorber collects the sun's heat and transfers it to the water in the 7 risers. Copper tubing heater is used for the risers for its high thermal conductivity ensuring the maximum amount of heat energy is passed to the water. As the Solahart solar water heater in the risers is heated, it rises into the tank to be replaced by cooler water from the tank. The solar heated water is then stored ready for use whenever you wish to get rid of fatigue with a hot shower.

The Solahart Solar Heater has a ceramic lined tank with a protective sacrificial anode. The L Free Heat features additional anode protection. 

  •  Stylish slimline roof mount design
  •  Can cut water heating energy use by up to 65%^
  •  Reliable, low maintenance operation

Solahart 181LF Price

Installation and crane charges are all included when you are purchasing with us. No troubles to search for an installer. Here are few photos that we have installed for Solahart in Southern Malaysia.


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