Solarpower Solar Water Heater Repair & Service

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SOLARPOWER Solar Water Heater Repair & Service

Our Customer Service Centre provides:

- After-sales service support
- Technical support
- Outdoor & indoor service
- Spare parts
- General enquiries on product information
- Enquiries on product purchase

Sales & Service Department
Mobile: 012-332 1190 (Mr Wong)
Office: 03-9543 7431

We solve brand SOLARPOWER common problems like:  Booster tripped, Back up heater not function, not hot, panel leaking, pressure temperature relief valve not functioning, water tank leaking and others problems.

We supply and install SOLARPOWER spare parts like: Heating element, Thermostat, Pressure Temperature Relief Valve (PT Valve), Check Valve (Non Return Valve. 

We provide SOLARPOWER FULL service & maintenance like: Cleans the tank external and internally to clear all the mud, dirts and rusted water, cleans the solar panel glass, clear the mud, dirts and rusted water inside the solar panel riser tubes, replace check valves and check leaking fitting and pipings.   

Our company do sales,installation, repair and maintenance of any brand of solar hot water heating system including brand solarpower, matahari, pecol, solar mate, mysolar, aquasolar, solahart, lexun, solarmax, solarplus, summer, solarwave, microsolar, green solar and monier solar heater.

Dealing with: Plumber, Contractor, Designer, Installer, Supplier, Manufacturer, Dealers, Distributor and Architects. 
For service and maintenance, please Click HERE to contact us. Thanks
Solarmate repair contact number

Call or Whatsapp  Loy 012-604 3731 


Our Service Technician Team is trained by some of the most reputable manufacturers in the industry brands:

Solar Water Heater: Solarpower Sdn Bhd, Summer, Matahari, Solar mate Solar Water Heater Malaysia, Microsolar, Solahart, Solarplus, SolarMax, Aquasolar, Mysolar, Solarwave, and Others, Pecol. 

Call us at 012-604 3731 (Loy)


1. Need service and maintenance?

  • Clean the panels for better efficiency
  • Wash the tank to clear all the dirt.
  • Check piping leaking and change a check valve
2. Heating element not functioning.
  • Electrical trip when you turn on the back-up heater?
  • Even turn on the switch for few hours, the water are not heating up?
  • Last time was functioning well, but recently don’t know why it is not function?
3. No Hot Water / No Water
  • No hot water even in the sunny day?
  • Hot water not enough to use?
  • Solar Water Heater Leaking?
  • Low water pressure?
4. Water dripping down from the roof top during sunny day?
  • Solar Water Heater Leaking?
  • Water dripping down to the ceiling?
  • Water leaking for some time YES/ some time NO?
  • Water too hot?
5. Both hot and cold water taps’ water are hot?
  • Water too hot cannot take shower?
6. Want to change a new set of Solar Water Heater?
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Servicing Panels
(Before and after)

Changing Pressure Temperature Valve
(Before and after)

Changing Heating Element Booster
(Before and After)


Above brands are not owned by our company, but we do replacement for heating element, thermostat, pressure temperature valves and service maintenance only. For those product found that it is under warranty, will still need to contact the brand's principle for claiming the warranty.