3M Shower Water Filter SFKC01-CN1 | Bath Filter for Shower


3M Shower Filter SFKC01-CN1 | Water Filter for Shower

3M™ shower filter can effectively reduce the residual chlorine and impurities in the water, avoid the posible skin irritation and damages caused by the residual chlorine to the respiratory tract of infants and young children

Also this Shower Filter can prevent impurities from staying on your hair and skin, helps in making the hair less easy Dry and taking care of skin health. A less dry & delicated skin difference can be observe.  

The Large Filtration Capacity of 3M Shower Filter

Allows up to 50,000 liters of capacity which is approximately to 500 times** of shower !! The high-purity KDF in the filter is fully imported from the United States, which can effectively reduce residual chlorine even at higher bathing water temperature and has a long service life.

*** Assuming for 10mins shower with 100 liters volume of water 




Capacity: 50,000 litres

Flow rate: 8 lpm

Operating Temperature : 5 - 50 degree celcius

Operating pressure: 30 - 125psi

Dimension : 64.4mm x 176.4mm

NSF & FDA Certified



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